Central Asia Commerce - Business Resource and Directory of Central Asia

Artuch Travel - operates the Artuch mountaineering and tourism camp in the Fann Mountains region, with services that include lodging, transportation, tours and more

Hotel Oriyo - Dushanbe lodging offers various luxury rooms with Internet access, and services for meetings and conferences

Iontravel - provides a full range of services related to the organization of business tours and business trips, including flight reservations, providing information on flights and fares airlines, tourist travel, hotel booking, Visa support, and more

Mountain Adventure Travel - Dushanbe-based travel organization provides Visa support, permits to GBAO (Pamir), hotel booking, transport and vehicles, trekking trips, jeep tours and more

National Tourism Portal - travel-related resource offers a collection of information and links to travel agencies, including tours, popular destinations, lodging, country profile and more

Orom Travel - offers a range of tours including destinations such as Hissar, Shahrituz, Muminobod, Dushanbe, HIssar and more, that includes transport, guides and food

Pamir Central Asia - Tajikistan-based full service adventure travel company operating tours in the Pamirs, and offering cycling tours, mountaineering tours, camel riding, rafting in the Murghab River, and more

Tajikistan Airlines - national carrier of the Republic of Tajikistan; site includes online timetables, online booking, frequent flyer information and more

Tajikistan | Advantour - provides travel information on mountains, gorges, nature and historical sites of Tajikistan

Zerafshan Tourism Development Association - aims to establish a community-based tourism sector in the Zerafshan Valley while improving the well-being of the local communities by reducing poverty, creating jobs, and preserving the cultural heritage