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Assanbil Foundation - works to build social facilities like schools and health centers

BishkekBuild Exhibiiton - international exhibition features participants from the construction industry

CBS Bishek - offers a wide range of construction equipment and machinery including cargo vehicles, mining machinery, generators, fire trucks and more

D-Center - specializes in the construction of business centers, dormitories, private residences and multi-storey apartment houses, and more

Interglass - producers of glass products including float glass, silvered mirror, triplex and bullet-resistant glass

Investment Projects Implementation Group - coalition of Kyrgyz and international organizations oversees projects in road infrastructure development

Kyrgyzgiprostroy - office prepares design reports and cost estimates for construction of projects involving public housing

Meribell Textile Inshaat - provides various construction and repair work

RM Servise - services include architectural and design planning, territory improvement, provides construction supplies, road sign installation and more

Tedis - provides a variety of construction related services including general contracting, design, reconstruction and more