Central Asia Commerce - Business Resource and Directory of Central Asia

BishkekBuild - international exhibition features participants from the construction and related industries

Business Clinic of Central Asia - Bishkek-based startup incubator supports early stage entrepreneurs in the region by providing training and mentoring programs along with small seed capital

Development Partners Coordination Council - aims to improve multi-way flow of relevant information among donors, government agencies and civil society institutions

Investment Council - government backed organization aims to improve the business and investment environment, and attract investments into the social-economic development of the country

JIA - business association provides a forum and networking environment to promote business skills

Kompanion - community development financial institution supports the strengthening and growth of communities by offering development products and services to entrepreneurs and individuals

Kyrgyz Express Post - provides a wide range of postal, financial and other services both to individuals and legal entities

Kyrgyz Investment Group - provides management consulting and investment strategy services

Kyrgyz Rent Car - offers car rental services using a fleet of economy, medium, and business-class vehicles

Kyrgyz Republic Japan Center for Human Development - aims to to assist the Kyrgyz Republic in transitioning to a market economy through training business managers and entrepreneurs

Russia Business Center - business complex offers a business-pro environment and services