Central Asia Commerce - Business Resource and Directory of Central Asia

Agrihort - annual international agriculture exhibition in Astana, features networking opportunities, a forum for ideas and technologies and more

Arba Wine - offers wine from vineyards in the Assa Valley

ColdChain Kazakhstan - cold chain industry exhibition for Central Asia covering topics on equipment, vehicles, services and the latest innovations for storage and transportation of perishable goods

Fine Food - online store offers a wide range of food products including cheese, canned goods, fish, meats and more, from the European Union, the United States, Australia, Japan and other regions

Food Contract Corporation - aims to improve the procurement system of grain and related products as a state resource

Food in Kazakhstan | Food in Every Country - read about the history of Kazakh food including recipes for basturma, plov and mutton kespe

Kazakh AgroTechnical University - agrarian and technical university offers programs furthering research in the agro-industrial sphere

Restoran.kz - dining directory profiles local restaurants, banquest facilities, bars, cafes, karaoke and more

United Grain Holding - partnership organization of grain market participants collectivily provides storage, sale, marketing and distribution of grain

WorldFood Kazakhstan - international food industry exhibition showcases products in the food and drink market